Khasra-Girdawari(Harvest Inspection) is an important activity which is to be carried out by Revenue Department at least two times a year and special Girdawari is also held as and when exigency arises. During Khasra Girdawari a register is to be prepared and be kept up by the patwari. Until Recently the exercise was carried out manually and the record so collected is then entered in the HALRIS Software. No record like the GPS coordinates or the images of the crop were kept in the record. The Khasra-Girdawari is checked by senior revenue functionaries also to ensure correctness of data so collected.

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Updated Status of e-Girdawari

S.No. Project Details Way Forward
1. e-Girdawari- Online Submission of Crop details by Patwaries
  • NIC has developed a Mobile Application.
  • Tabs are being distributed by Revenue departments to Patwaries to access the Mobile app.
  • The DROs has been asked to get replaced the defective tablets through HARTRON.
  • Presently data entry by the farmers through CSCs is going-on on Meri Fasal Mera Bayora scheme.
  • From 15th Sep. 2018 the e-Girdawari app will be used for one Tehsil in each district.

Project Details