Integrated Finance Management System(IFMS)

The goal of the IFMS is to provide both tangible and intangible benefits that will not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the financial discipline and control processes managed by DOF, but also integrate the Financial Management System with the Human Resources Management components to streamline the related business operations throughout the State Government. IFMS is an amalgamation of following five applications which are tightly integrated with each other to carry out all sort of activities related to state finances: 

OBAMAS– Online Budget Allocation, Monitoring and Analysis System: Being used for budget preparation, allocation and expenditure control.

 e-Billing – Online Bill Preparation: Being used for preparation of all types of bills like salary, contingency, TA, medical, GPF, refund etc

OTIS – Online Treasuries Information System: Being used for automation of processes in treasuries and its interface with banks, AG office, NSDL and Income Tax department. This also includes management of stamps inventory.

 e-Pension – Online Pension Processing system Being used for disbursement of pensioner benefits to the state pensioners.

e-GRAS – Government Receipt Accounting System: Being used for receipt of all sorts of government revenue and e-Stamping.

e-Post Approval System– e-Post system is a workflow based sanctioning of post-up to office level and freezing of existing post sanctioned strength for all the departments of Haryana. It is implemented in 72 departments of the state in the year. Interface for DDO, ECO,ECA is provided on the e-salary portal.

HRMS– A Generic, Integrated workflow based System to be implemented across Haryana Govt. Departments which covers complete service records of the employees having 25 forms containing basic details, Leave Records, Transfer, Promotions, Financial Up-gradations, ACRs, Punishments, Award, Loans, GPF Advance/Withdrawals, Service Verification, Service Breaks, Seniority etc.

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